Attention Residents!

POSTPONED: Indian Village Elementary School withdrew permission to hold the meeting there. Organizers plan to reschedule at a different location, and will send notice 10 days prior to the new meeting date.

A notice was delivered to most of the neighborhood on Saturday (2/26). A group of residents have appointed themselves to the Board of Governors and are holding a meeting on March 7, 2022 @ 7pm. It will be held at Indian Village Elementary School. You can find the notice in full by clicking this link.

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  1. Hi. I appreciate the information in the “State of the Neighborhood Introduction”. There is however, a bit of confusion on my part, as concerns the statement “This was due to restrictions in Indiana state law that did not allow consolidation of covenants for multiple neighborhood sections”, in the third paragraph.
    On page 5, Section IV of Grant Shipley’s memorandum, he says that “There was no simple method to recreate a new neighborhood…”. Other than that, he does not directly mention the state law. The “32-21-2-3.5 Recording of replacement covenants: application” sheet that was sent with the memorandum does not mention the law. And, I haven’t been able to locate it on the web site. What was the Indiana code number?

    1. Hello Dave,

      The law passed is called House Bill 1107. At the end of the post you will see sources, and we have hyperlinked that specific bill. I know it was confusing for me while researching because the numbers are recycled for each years’ assembly. This one was passed during the 2014 Sessions. The link here should take you directly to that bill.

      Indiana HB11007.03 (2014 Session) – (


      Edit: I apologize, you were asking about the code number. That can be found the same place on the document but here is the link to the state’s site for it. –

  2. Hi, to all Indian Village homeowners. I am still confused about the ‘restrictions’ law that was in place when the 1991 covenants were recorded. (“State of the Neighborhood Introduction”, paragraph 3.) On the web page, there are several statutes with footer notations indicating those statutes were enacted prior to 2002, and their previous code numbers had been replaced with a new number. The IC 32-21-2-3.5 statute’s first footer notation states: “As added by P.L. 43-2013, SEC.2”, and does not list a new 2002 code number.
    Consequently, my current assumption is that the IC 32-21-2-3.5 statute was enacted in 2013, as Public Law 43-2013, SEC.2. And the ‘restrictions’ law, which was enacted prior to the recording of the 1991 covenants is a different statute, with a new 2002 code number. Is my assumption remotely accurate, and if not, what am I misunderstanding? Homeowners, please reply. Dave Brackmann

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