HOA Meeting Mailer

Dear neighbors, friends, and family of Historic Indian Village,

Everyone should have received a letter from Indian Village Community Association about the
annual meeting on June 30, 2022, at Fort Wayne Sports Club. We can confirm that IVCA was
able to reinstate the business entity with the state of Indiana.

The fact remains that the 1991/1998 restrictive covenants are still not valid. Indiana Code
32-21-2-3.5 which allows for consolidation of restrictive covenants was not in effect until July
2014 via House Bill No. 1107. Twenty-three and sixteen years respectively after the cited
restrictive covenants were drafted.

Furthermore, the organizers cite the judge’s ruling on January 23, 1993, as proof the covenants
are valid. In the final paragraph of the judge’s ruling (Cause C01-9207-CP-571), the judge only
specifies Section A. No other sections are mentioned in the ruling. At best, organizers can argue
for control over Section A.

What does this mean for you? IVCA is no more than a voluntary club. The organizers don’t
believe this, and they will continue their efforts to assert control over the neighborhood. If left
unchecked this can lead to headaches and potential money lost for residents. Everyone who
can show up should show up to the annual meeting to make their voice heard. If you do not
consent, then make it known.

If IVCA continues with elections, then take advantage of the opportunity and elect candidates
that will put an end to this.

The reference to Indiana Code, house bill, judge’s ruling and restrictive covenants are public
records. We have also uploaded copies to this website. If you would like to review the research
that your fellow residents volunteered their time and effort into gathering on this subject then
check out our information repository. Please reach out to us if you have any

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