Frugal Gift-giving

Here are a few ideas for thoughtful and affordable gifts for friends and family this holiday season:

  • Invite them over for a home-cooked meal and good company
  • A pair of movie tickets (or a gift card) and a plan to go together
  • Bake something special, or put dry ingredients in a pretty container with instructions for what to add and how to bake
  • Offer a service, like babysitting, dog sitting, or fixing something around the house
  • If you are crafty, pick something up like a picture frame or storage box from a thrift store and paint or otherwise personalize it
  • Remember that part of the fun is opening the gift, so get creative with your wrapping! Try decorating brown paper with small drawings, festive words, or rubber stamp art. You can also buy fabric remnants on sale from craft stores that can become part of the gift, or reused for wrapping again and again. 

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