Damaged Teepees

As the neighborhood knows, the teepees on the Boulevard median are in serious disrepair. One teepee was damaged severely by a falling tree branch and removed last year by the City, and another one partially collapsed earlier this year (in April). Upon examination, the steel supports holding up the partially collapsed teepee are visibly rusted through, and the other two have numerous cracks and holes and their support structures are also compromised. It is only a matter of time before they all fall apart, causing a safety hazard. This is especially concerning since children play in the area. 

Our neighborhood association does not have the funds to repair or replace the teepees, so the Board has been in discussions with the City of Fort Wayne since April about what options we have, since they sit on City property. 

Thursday, July 20, The Indian Village board received an email from the City of Fort Wayne Community & Economic Development department. In that email, we were informed that “The City of Fort Wayne recently received inquiries concerning the condition of the tipis owned by the Indian Village Association, which are located on the Indian Village Boulevard medians. The City’s Public Works Department inspected and recommended removal of the tipis based upon their current condition,” and that “the City will attach a safety notice on the tipis pending their removal from the median.”

The Board agrees with the City’s decision. In the meantime, the City has already roped off the teepees with caution tape, and we advise everyone to leave them alone until they have been safely removed and the area reseeded. 

While it is a sad chapter that these landmarks must go, this also provides an opportunity to look at the neighborhood with fresh eyes and raise funds or potentially work with the City on a future feature for the median. Please contact the Board with ideas, and if you are willing to volunteer to help fundraise or contribute in another way to improving the median. 

Photo taken July 20, following a storm

Additional information: The City of Fort Wayne removed the teepees on July 26, 2023.
A Channel 15 News interview with Board Treasurer Monica Hadsall can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/OPD910rcoq4

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