City of Fort Wayne – Upcoming Sewer Work

The Board has received some communication from the City of Fort Wayne regarding upcoming work they will be performing between our neighborhood and Bluffton Road:

Future plans for the sewer project will impact a portion of the land between Bluffton Rd. and Manito Blvd., as well as Manito Blvd. itself. These plans include removing some of the trees, drilling/opening up portions of Manito Blvd., and erecting some type of structure(s) for utility management. 

The City of Fort Wayne has promised to use all possible caution to avoid any damage to our entrance monument, and if any damage does occur, they will pay for repairs. We have also asked them to take into account sound mitigation provided by the trees, and replace them with something that will continue to keep our neighborhood quiet and protected from traffic and other noise. 

The City estimates the project will begin in January-February 2024, and take 10-12 months. 

Additional information about the impact on our neighborhood will be coming from the City of Fort Wayne when they have selected a contractor. The city is sending notifications to neighbors closest to the affected area, so watch your mailbox!

For more information about the City of Fort Wayne’s tunnel project:

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