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Official IVCA Minutes – July 7, 2022

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Location: Morgan’s Restaurant

Call to Order: 6:35pm by Paul, seconded by Steve. 

In attendance: Paul Forbing, William Bourhill, Monica Hadsall, Kailey Till, Steve McMurray


  • Approval of minutes from July 1st meeting
    • Paul motions, seconded by Will, unanimously approved
  • Segmenting agendas
    • Must do/high priority first
    • Can do/needs to be looked at eventually listed last on agenda 
  • Implementing technology
    • How to vote
    • Look into amending bylaws to allow virtual quorum
  • Storing minutes in drive, linking to website, allowing access for ALL residents 
  • Acknowledgement of minutes from meeting held June 16, 2022 by previous board. In lieu of new board (none of which were present at June 16th meeting), minutes were not approved and will remain “unapproved minutes.”
  • Provisional bylaws
    • Set of bylaws that should be used
  • Budget 
    • Indiana Attorney General’s Office requires all HOA’s submit a budget each year. 
      • Looking into whether this was already done for 2022
      • Mandatory maintenance fee written into bylaws; looking to strike from budget potentially but cannot complete at this meeting. Will call a special meeting of the Board to deal with this. 
    • Legally, we must have one expense for the budget. 
      • Agreed upon lighting (around $19/month) for monument (this amount will already be covered by the checking account balance, does not require voluntary donations or dues). 
  • Mailer
    • Survey
    • Explanation of what has been done so far
    • Optional invoice for voluntary members 
    • Reference IVCA Facebook page/website as predominant means of communication 
  • Voluntary members
    • Voluntary Association
      • Budget:
        • Improve lighting on the boulevard (solar lighting for monument?)
        • Add boulders to prevent drivers from hitting monument 
        • Petition for more streetlights along the boulevard, specifically by the monument
        • Salt buckets at entrances? 
      • How to get funds?
        • Send mailer with invoice stating “VOLUNTARY”
        • GoFundMe
        • Venmo/Cashapp/PayPal links 

Meeting adjourned at 8:44pm by Paul, seconded by Monica. 

Minutes approved 8/11/22

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