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Letter from the Board – July 10, 2022

Hello neighbors! Let’s start a new chapter. 

First of all, we’d like to formally introduce ourselves. Your new board is: 

President: Paul Forbing
Vice President: William Bourhill
Treasurer: Monica Hadsall
Secretary: Kailey Till
Governor: Steve McMurray

As neighbors, we all want what’s best for the neighborhood, and peace among us. We all need to know what is going on in our community, and have access to information that is complete and timely, delivered in a way that’s convenient and understandable. We also want to be heard; to share our ideas and suggestions, and to know that we are respected as individuals and equal members of this community. With these things kept in mind, we can come together to satisfy our neighborhood’s specific needs, and rebuild the community that we know Indian Village can be. 

To that end, we are currently in the process of receiving access and information from the previous board of organizers, and will then need some time to sort things out. Our first priority is to put everything we can on hold, while we get things organized. We also want to hear directly from you, so we will be reaching out formally and informally with surveys and open questions. 

As we get started, we are keeping in mind the 1994/2004 constitution and bylaws under which we were elected during the organizers’ meeting on June 30th to guide our actions as your board, and will continue to act within those guidelines as we move forward with the task of learning what our neighbors want. 

When we have all of the information available and can start planning next steps, we will make sure to maintain the transparency and communication we have worked hard to develop with you all.

We promise to:

  • Make ourselves as available as possible, while still maintaining boundaries for our personal time
  • Establish and maintain two-way avenues of open communication
  • Provide regular updates on our progress and any news we may have to share
  • Solicit your input formally as well as informally in various formats
  • Provide options and alternatives for participation in meetings, elections, etc. that satisfy and conform to necessary laws and regulations
  • Not interfere with internal communication on private IVCA group page(s) unless there are rules being broken (please play nice)
  • Respond to communication in a timely manner
  • Move forward at a reasonable pace, with our neighbors at our sides
  • Work together as a cohesive board, so that individual personalities or conflicts will not hinder progress
  • Provide background, context, and explanations for any new information we find and share 

Feel free to contact any of us directly in the short term, and please be patient as access, accounts, etc. are transferred and transitioned over. Please understand that we may not have complete answers yet, as we find our feet, but we will not leave you hanging! 

In the long term, we all look forward to serving you and the best interests of the Indian Village neighborhood! 

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