IVCA Minutes – August 11, 2022

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, August 11th, 2022

Location: Virtual

In attendance: Paul Forbing, William Bourhill, Monica Hadsall, Kailey Till, Steve McMurray

Call to Order: 6:10pm by Paul, seconded by Monica. 


  • Approval of Meeting Minutes
    • July 7th meeting, Paul motioned to approve, Will seconds, approved unanimously. 
    • July 8th meeting, Paul motioned to approve, Steve seconds, approved unanimously. 
  • Telling Title companies, we don’t have a mandatory HOA
    • Looking into a way to document liens on properties 
    • Few existing lawsuits where we are not truly involved (all foreclosures)
  • Working to determine if a budget must be submitted to the state each year. 
  • Legal fees have all been paid. 
  • A neighborhood can only have one organization, which is problematic with the 5 sections in our neighborhood. 
    • Taking bylaws from 90’s and redacting/stating that the bylaws are invalid due to Indiana code. 
  • Create running list of everything that needs modified
    • Rewrite bylaws—should be very specific, defined, and leave no room for questions, but not be so strict it prohibits a voluntary association from accomplishing anything.
    • Give more power to neighbors rather than the board
      • Strike parts of bylaws that remove privilege for board members to change things with their own vote rather than the vote of the neighborhood.
    • Tighten up voting options
      • Every household has the right to have an opinion in any matters regarding the neighborhood. 
      • Only 80 people out of about 500 homes voted, so it makes it difficult to get a 65% majority of homeowners for anything to be passed. Talking about lowering quorum to make business even possible. 
  • HIGH PRIORITY Mailing information:
    • Mass postage won’t work—sending mail out to the routes as listed by the Post Office would mean we are mailing HOA information to non-HOA people, such as the apartments by Kekionga and nearby businesses. 
    • Might have to go this route (does cost money) to get information out to everyone in the neighborhood. 
    • Do you want an HOA? Yes or no. 
    • Envelope/postage
      • Bylaws, budget, what postcard means, survey, starting a fresh Facebook page if it is the desire of the neighborhood (we would like to keep one for neighborly conversation (i.e., lost & found pets) but people are on the page that do not have any connection to IV other than to just watch for fun. Would require people to join and answer questions. “Anything said here, unless properly filed, is purely conversational and does not equate to business.” New rule is that you must be a homeowner or resident of the neighborhood. This is easier than deleting people and having to reapprove neighbors. If you want the page to represent the community, the people on the page need to actually be a part of our neighborhood community (this would include school officials, Lost Dogs/Cats representatives, etc.). 
      • Can have a contact submission form for official business, such as questions regarding bylaws, covenants, etc. This is where neighbors would formally request something, that is not the purpose of Facebook. Facebook would not be a place to conduct business at this point. 
        • Explain options to people and allow them to vote for an option to not take up a large amount of space on the postcard. 
        • Getting new contact for information (we don’t always know who is sending emails as they do not sign them) 
      • Can mail 2-3 pages for same amount 
      • How much will stamps cost? 
      • Limit to 3 front and back pages. Include budget approval? 
      • QR code for responses as well—can connect to Google Form or website 
    • Door hangers
      • $200+ to create, plus postage to return postcard 
      • Pay for postage on returnable postcard, have QR code 
      • Include different options on the hanger, return the postcard with selected option 

Adjournment: 7:35pm by Paul, seconded by Monica. 

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