March 12 Begins Daylight Saving Time

Photo of an alarm clockAs we “spring forward” we lose an hour, and many people are negatively affected.

  • Loss of sleep can cause inattentiveness and increase the chances of accidents and injury
  • Adjusting to a different daily rhythm, and helping others (like children) transition to a different schedule can negatively impact moods
  • With the return of darkness in the mornings for a while, driving can be hazardous

Some things you can do to reduce the negative impact:

  • Adjust your bedtime and wake-up time by an hour for a week before the time change
  • Reduce your dependence on caffeine now, so that you don’t feel the need to chug multiple cups of coffee
  • If you don’t have a bedtime routine, start one now, and train your brain to realize when it’s time to go to sleep
  • Avoid electronics before bed
  • Turn on lights when you wake up to send signals to your brain and body to wake up

Be prepared as much as you can, and also be extra careful and aware of what’s going on around you for several days afterward. 

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