Meeting Minutes – October 17, 2022

Indian Village Community Association

Board of Governors

Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 17th, 2022

Location: Virtual via Google Meets

  1. Call to Order: 6:55pm by Paul, seconded by Steve. 
  1. Roll Call:
    1. Present- Paul Forbing, William Bourhill, Stephen McMurray, Kailey Till, Monica Hadsall. 
  1. Discussion:
  • Approval of Meeting Minutes
    • August 11th meeting- approved by Paul, seconded by Monica. 
  • Immediate Business Needs:
    • State requirements: 
    • SWAP: Next meeting Wednesday, October 19th. Location: Fort Wayne Sports Club. Paul will go. 
  • Resident Complaints:
    • Kekionga traffic back-up—see below. 
    • Norfolk Southern blocked crossings: Continue to report via the reporting tool ( Can also continue to give residents a heads-up via Facebook, but there isn’t much more we can do due to the Indiana Supreme Court ruling in September of 2018.
      • Considering reaching out to City Council about an underpass/overpass at one of the crossings. However, Broadway already has an overpass, so this may deter the city from doing anything about this. 
  • Principal for a Day:
    • Paul went to Kekionga Middle School
      • Learned that there are funds for a project to fix the traffic backlog caused by student arrival and dismissal, but no construction companies will bid on this project. 
  • Current Results:
    • Should we extend survey and closing date?
      • Run into the issue of it nearing the holidays, getting more put off as people continue to get busier. Ending October 31st
      • Results are as follows:
        • For mandatory HOA: 33 mailed+12 virtual= 45
        • For voluntary HOA: 30 mailed +46 virtual=76
        • Should these be published in another way? Waynedale News (paper trail)?
          • Press release style once results are finalized at survey’s end. 
      • Comments:
        • How should we respond to comments on survey?
          • Compile document of all questions with answers.
          • Personal reply to each person who asked questions.
            • If questions were not asked (i.e., statement was written), shouldn’t plan to receive a response. 
      • In responses, share how many homes have changed hands in the last 2 years as well as how many rentals (rental complaint, association contacted landlord and tenant was evicted). 
      • Call county commissioner to add this information to the neighborhood file. 
  • Discussion of Framework/Future Association Needs (we recognize the need for things people have expressed interest in. They wouldn’t necessarily be elected positions, just volunteers.):
    • New Positions/Subcommittees EXAMPLES (not actually set!!:
      • Event coordinator
      • Safety
      • Historical Preservation
    • Social Media
    • Community Involvement
    • Solar lights for monument- call city to ask if this is a possibility or replace the electric lights with money from the budget. 
    • Offering solutions for concerns of neighbors- Parks Dept., Purdue Ext. Office, etc. 
    • Changing bylaws:
      • Make it so 15 homeowners can’t make decisions for 500+ homeowners
      • Make changes so that 1 existing governor cannot create a whole new board on their own. 
  • Other:
    • Get rid of what is left in storage—not sure what to do with the files as they have molded and are not safe for people to keep in their homes.
      • Paul is volunteering to keep in his garage until we can sort through 
  • Short-Term Goals:
    • Inform neighborhood of survey deadline
    • Compile results to be shared via Waynedale News Press Release, Newsletter, Facebook, Website, etc. 
    • Facebook page- extreme vetting process to ensure people joining have legitimate reason to be there (no spammy bots, etc.). 
    • Figure out eligibility for voting-
      • Have to pay in the last 12 months to have a say? Probably a $10 minimum. 
    • Framework for new rules. 

Adjournment: 7:55pm by Kailey seconded by Paul.  

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