Helpful Tips

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Safety Tips

  • March 12 Begins Daylight Saving Time
    As we “spring forward” we lose an hour, and many people are negatively affected. Some things you can do to reduce the negative impact: Be prepared as much as you can, and also be extra careful and aware of what’s going on
  • Nighttime Safety
    Winter Solstice is past, and days are getting longer, but the nights are still going to be long and dark for a while. 
  • Holiday Safety
    If you will be traveling to see friends and family:  If you are staying in for the holidays:

Neighborhood Improvement Tips

  • March Improvement Tips
    As we look toward spring, we might find ourselves wanting to get outside more on nice days. Looking for an excuse? Here are a few exterior upkeep items you can take care of this month:  Crossing a few of these off your
  • Prune Trees When Dormant
    The best time of year to prune most trees and shrubs is in the winter when they’re dormant. When the sap isn’t flowing, cutting branches causes less stress to the entire tree. In winter, insects are also dormant, and less likely to
  • Clear Snowy Sidewalks
    When you are clearing snow from your driveway, please consider clearing the snow off of any sidewalks that cross your property also. When it’s snowy and icy, it can be even more hazardous than usual for pedestrians to walk in the street!

Money-Saving Tips

  • Springtime Financial Tips
  • Resolve To Manage Your Finances
    If one of your goals for the new year is to get a handle on your finances, the national best-selling book Your Money Or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin is an excellent read full of great advice, starting with a couple of
  • Frugal Gift-giving
    Here are a few ideas for thoughtful and affordable gifts for friends and family this holiday season: