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You will find historical documentation about Indian Village from its initial development to 2022. This is being made available for the benefits of the residents in this neighborhood. If you would like to add something to this repository or had questions about any of the information in this repository, please contact us.

Recent Official Communication

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  • Survey and Voluntary Association
    To summarize… We recently mailed out post cards with the results of the community feedback survey and our plans going forward. There are likely questions that people have, and we will address those questions as best we can. We want to take
    Surveys were mailed to all homeowner addresses on file in September. All mailers included a self-addressed stamped envelope, as well as instructions for completing the survey online (optional), and a request to update any contact information. The deadline for submissions was October
  • Meeting Minutes – October 17, 2022
    Indian Village Community Association Board of Governors Meeting Minutes Monday, October 17th, 2022 Location: Virtual via Google Meets Adjournment: 7:55pm by Kailey seconded by Paul.  
  • Community Feedback
    Below is the first page of the mailer you will be receiving this week. At the bottom you can download the PDF of the full mailer. Also, at the bottom is a link to the Community Feedback survey. Indian Village Community AssociationBoard
  • Unofficial IVCA Minutes – August 11, 2022
    Meeting Minutes Thursday, August 11th, 2022 Location: Virtual In attendance: Paul Forbing, William Bourhill, Monica Hadsall, Kailey Till, Steve McMurray Call to Order: 6:10pm by Paul, seconded by Monica.  Discussion: Approval of Meeting Minutes July 7th meeting, Paul motioned to approve, Will
  • Letter from the Board – July 10, 2022
    Hello neighbors! Let’s start a new chapter.  First of all, we’d like to formally introduce ourselves. Your new board is:  President: Paul ForbingVice President: William BourhillTreasurer: Monica HadsallSecretary: Kailey TillGovernor: Steve McMurray As neighbors, we all want what’s best for the neighborhood,
  • Amended Constitution and Bylaws (July 8, 2022)
    CONSTITUTION PREAMBLE Whereas, by the terms of the Plat, and the Dedication thereof, and the statement of restrictions and provisions relating thereto, of Indian Village, an Addition to the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, it was provided that there should be formed
  • Official IVCA Special Meeting Minutes – July 8, 2022
    Special Meeting Friday, July 8th, 2022 Held via Google Meets In attendance: Paul Forbing, William Bourhill, Monica Hadsall, Kailey Till, Steve McMurray Call to Order: 6:04pm by Paul, seconded by Monica.  Motion: Strike from bylaws mandatory maintenance fees policy. Seconded by Monica,
  • Official IVCA Minutes – July 7, 2022
    Meeting Minutes Thursday, July 7, 2022 Location: Morgan’s Restaurant Call to Order: 6:35pm by Paul, seconded by Steve.  In attendance: Paul Forbing, William Bourhill, Monica Hadsall, Kailey Till, Steve McMurray Discussion: Approval of minutes from July 1st meeting Paul motions, seconded by
  • Official IVCA Minutes – July 1, 2022
    Minutes approved on July 7, 2022 Indian Village Community AssociationBoard of GovernorsMinutes of Required MeetingFriday, July 1st, 2022 Minutes of the Board of Governors meeting at the Indian Village Community Association via Google Meets at 7pm. This meeting was required by the
  • HOA Board of Governors Officers
    Good evening, The Board would like to announce that the positions have been filled as follows: President: Paul Forbing Vice President: William Bourhill Treasurer: Monica Hadsall Secretary: Kailey Till Governor: Steve McMurray We are acting as one cohesive board, sharing responsibilities, and
  • HOA Meeting Mailer
    Dear neighbors, friends, and family of Historic Indian Village, Everyone should have received a letter from Indian Village Community Association about theannual meeting on June 30, 2022, at Fort Wayne Sports Club. We can confirm that IVCA wasable to reinstate the business
  • State of the Neighborhood
    The letter below was mailed to residents on April 4, 2022, and is intended to notify all residents as to the state of the neighborhood and the former association. The full State of the Neighborhood memorandum follows this letter. Click Here to
  • Attention Residents!
    POSTPONED: Indian Village Elementary School withdrew permission to hold the meeting there. Organizers plan to reschedule at a different location, and will send notice 10 days prior to the new meeting date. A notice was delivered to most of the neighborhood on